# ucsc_database

UCSC genome annotation database from UCSC golden path
Recipe source code: https://github.com/rworkflow/ReUseDataRecipe/blob/master/ucsc_database.R (opens new window)
Data source: https://hgdownload.soe.ucsc.edu/downloads.html (opens new window)

# plot

## ucsc_database

# Inputs

label type description
build build string genome build version, e.g. 'hg19', 'hg38', 'mm39'
dbname dbname string genome annotation database name, e.g. 'refGene', 'knownGene'

# Outputs

label type description
database database File[] the unzipped annotation txt file and sql script

# Example:

## Get data from evaluting recipe
recipeLoad('ucsc_database', return = TRUE)
ucsc_database$build <- 'hg38'
ucsc_database$dbname <- 'refGene'
getData(ucsc_database, outdir = 'data/folder', notes = c('ucsc', 'annotation', 'database', 'hg38', 'refGene'))